About Myaree Medical Centre

Our goal in establishing the Myaree Medical Centre was to provide a comprehensive and high quality service for our patients; this extends across all age groups.

The Myaree Medical Centre was established in January 2014 by Dr Dale Allen and Dr Paul Cook at the premises on the corner of Northlake Road and McCoy Street in Myaree. A modern facility was produced which we feel meets the standards expected of a general medical clinic in today’s society.

We feel that the essential elements needed to provide you with a high quality service include obtaining a thorough medical history of past and present ailments, appropriate clinical examinations and selective use of investigations.

Maintaining accurate records of all details relating to your past and present health is fundamental to this process. See information on our Privacy Policy.

Our focus is on achieving and maintaining your health in the long term and this approach necessitates a good understanding of your past history and any current risk factors which may compromise your health in the long term. Such risk factors include, but are not limited to: use of alcohol, cigarettes, diet, inadequate sleep and exercise, work related stress, any use of recreational drugs, obesity, and mental health issues.

A thorough understanding of your current health and future risks can only be achieved with a broad, comprehensive approach and accurate recording of information; by adopting this approach, we are then in a position to plan for the future and use appropriate investigations to identify health problems at an early stage.

We are pleased to offer online bookings.